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My First Sprite Comic. It shows an epic clash of baddies and heroes. Who will win? Rules For Authors: Rule 1: No vulgar or inappropriate comments or flames. Those will get deleted immediately. Rule 2: If you are part of a storyline, please follow it. (not necessarily a rule) Rule 3: No Flame, Vulgar, or inappropriate comics. Those will get deleted immediately and you will be removed. Rule 4: Respect other authors, PLEASE. We don't want any comment wars. If you break Rule 1, you will be notified via PM. You will have one more chance after that. But if you break Rule 3, you will be notified via PM, and you will be removed from the Authors list. Rules for Guests: Just Rules 1 and 4. Rules might Change, but these are the ones for now. Please follow them as best you can. -Fusion Kirby, Grand Author No Longer Accepting Authors.


August 23rd, 2010, 1:44 pm

@ Authors

The Older message was deleted. This is the New one:
Update when you can, I can wait.

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